At the Log Cabin, children are encouraged to explore and experiment at their own pace, with the emphasis placed on their abilities.


A large play and recreation space including:

  • Space for children to ride bikes and trikes and take part in sporting activities
  • Large accessible play structure and swings, slides, etc.
  • Enclosed multi-use games area
  • Quiet green areas such as the sensory garden
  • A large sand pit, water play and fire pit


  • A large hall, divisible into two when appropriate,used for a multitude of activities such as those designed to develop fine and gross motor skills, social and creative skills
  • A soft play room in which children can stretch and relax, improve gross motor skills, strengthen muscles, develop intellectual abilities and indulge in imaginative play
  • An interactive computer-controlled sensory room filled with lights, sounds, colour and images, in which children can create imaginative environments and stimulate their senses. It can be a calm and soothing place or an exciting and powerful environment.
  • A dedicated arts and crafts room
  • A quiet room for reading and quiet games
  • A multi-use games room
  • A calm room


Trips are organised to a variety of interesting places during holiday playschemes. Children’s suggestions for trips and activities are always taken into account.