Volunteer gardeners design a sensory garden. And the beds are blooming!

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Nita, Gill and Krys, a willing and skilled trio of volunteers, have designed and planned a sensory garden in the playground. We were able to secure some funding for them, and they have spent a very reasonable sum on a large amount of much-needed topsoil, and have bought a wide variety of sensory plants.

At this point, we must offer huge and heartfelt thanks to Nita, Rosanna, Alan and Richard for volunteering to shift it all onto the beds - no mean task, on a cold and wintry March morning!

Nita, Gill and Rosanna (taking time out from her mosaics project)  planted up all five beds, and the Log Cabin children have been engaged in keeping them well watered!

This project is linked in to the mosaics project, as the beds and the mosaics are working in tandem to create a wonderful space in the playground for everyone.