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This October we celebrate our 40th anniversary at the Log Cabin Charity. Over the years we have become a haven for many families in Ealing. We offer vital opportunities for all children to play and grow together, making our community more resilient and inclusive.


Play is essential for physical, emotional and spiritual growth, as well as intellectual, creative and educational development. It also helps children to develop a sense of identity, self-respect and confidence. We offer a stimulating range of activities, with a choice between indoor and outdoor play.


Sadly, Covid-19 has greatly impacted us. We are facing reduced donations and revenue and need your help now. Our Borough’s youngest and most vulnerable citizens need to know that when things get back to normal, we will be there.


To celebrate our 40th year, we have launched a 40 for 40 campaign on Just Giving. Please help us reach our goal of £40,000 to ensure we can continue to support our children. You can help by either making a donation or holding a fundraiser in our name. Any donation is greatly needed.

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