Our Values

Our Values

The child must be at the centre of everything we do

  • Child-centred:

The child must be at the centre of everything we do, and all decisions and activities must be in the best interests of the child. We subscribe to the play assumptions and values published by London Play.

  • Safety:

We believe that children have the right to play in an environment in which they feel secure and are physically safe.

  • Quality:

We believe high-quality matters throughout the organisation, from the play opportunities to management practices.

  • Equal Opportunities:

We are committed to promoting equality of opportunity for everyone involved in the Log Cabin’s activities.

  • Partnership:

We believe that we cannot work in isolation. We actively encourage partnerships with families, the community and outside bodies.

  • Creativity:

We believe in working creatively and imaginatively to make the Log Cabin a happy and successful place for everyone involved.